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Dreaming in the New Year

Sunday, 01, January , 2017 by

Christmas and Hanukah have been celebrated and hopefully you, like me, have many good new memories in your memory bank. You have a gift that you may not have opened yet.   You may not have noticed, but it is waiting for you to open.  The important gift is the wisdom of your dreams! We are closest to

I love trees and always have! As a young child, I lived and played in forests for days on end.  I felt protected and understood by my favorite trees, climbing up high to sit and view the situations below.  When I was in High School, my father decided to have the forest behind our home

Dutch Treat With Dreamers

Thursday, 04, August , 2016 by

What a treat to have traveled to the Netherlands to join my international dream friends and to present a workshop on DreamSynergy at the annual conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams ( There were 34 countries represented at the conference ~ I am so fortunate to know wise and wonderful people

ETV Palmetto Scene

Wednesday, 10, February , 2016 by

When: Thursday, February 11th, 2016 @ 7:30pm In December we shared with you the exciting news that SCETV (a division of PBS) was filming a segment about Justina’s life and work on the program {Original SC}.  The filming is done, and in addition to this program, she is also going to be featured on the program Palmetto Scene, a South Carolina

Originally posted on January 22, 2016 This week, Justina Lasley — founder of the Institute for Dream Studies, a dream therapist and author of “Wake Up to Your Dreams” — discusses why some people can remember what they dream while others cannot. Question: Some of my friends can remember their dreams in great detail, but

Author and Dream Expert Justina Lasley will be interviewed by prominent radio host Francesca on her show Talk with Francesca, on Radio WMEX AM1510. Talk with Francesca brings you provocative conversation and intriguing stories to inspire you to greatness. Don’t miss it! The show is live, on radio {two stations to choose from!} and online.

The Michael Dresser Show

Wednesday, 25, February , 2015 by

Listen to the Archive! KYNT AM1450 – Alive at Five Author and Dream Expert Justina Lasley is interviewed by prominent radio host and book reviewer Michael Dresser on The Michael Dresser Show. Date

Wake Up and Claim the Love You Desire! People yearn to feel love and connection. Do you know that your nighttime dreams can help you find your perfect match? Who knows you better than your dreams, which are with you 24/7 and have been every day of your life! Why not use dreams to help

Oh, my! It’s a new year and a blank slate to create your desires for 2015. What do you want to happen in the year ahead? Really want. It’s hard to achieve a goal that you don’t have. I encourage you to take 15 minutes today to make a list of how you would like

Wake Up to Your Future and Your Dreams!

Wednesday, 31, December , 2014 by

Pay attention to your dreams tonight! Yes, you will have to go to sleep at some point in order to have your New Year’s dreams. Do you know that NY’s dreams most often show us the way for the New Year? Who knows better than your psyche what you yearn for in the year ahead,