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Thursday, 31, October , 2019 by

BOO! It’s that time of year… NIGHTMARE season! Even if you aren’t scared by the neighborhood ghosts and goblins this week, you might awake from a dream that feels even more tangible and terrifying!!   Were you ever wakened by a nightmare that left you breathless or in tears of fright? Do you have recurring dreams that won’t

How have other dream experts’ lives been affected by their dreams?  Watch my series, The Dream Effect, to learn how others followed their dreams to pursue careers in dreamwork.  Hear their advice for fellow dreamers in the process of discerning their path.  Please share the post with friends and follow me on Facebook if you haven’t

In Honor of Jeremy Taylor

Saturday, 09, February , 2019 by

Remembering my friend and mentor Jeremy Taylor. Jeremy Taylor has been an extraordinary influence in my life.  I was first introduced to him by listening to a tape that recorded his sermon at my church in Atlanta.  I was out of town, but was curious about a sermon on dreams by some guy from California.

How is your 2019 dream journey progressing? I want to help you meet your goals for the new year with your dreams as your guide. Below are three Facebook Live Sessions from January.   Please share the post with friends, follow me on Facebook, if you haven’t already, and watch the next set of live sessions

Dreaming in the New Year

Sunday, 01, January , 2017 by

January 2019 Fellow Dreamers, I wrote this article in 2016 to welcome in the 2017 new year.  While reading it again, I am struck that the message is the same today as it was when written.  It is NOT too late to give yourself a gift in 2019.  Get your dream journal and begin today

I love trees and always have! As a young child, I lived and played in forests for days on end.  I felt protected and understood by my favorite trees, climbing up high to sit and view the situations below.  When I was in High School, my father decided to have the forest behind our home

Dutch Treat With Dreamers — June 2016

Thursday, 04, August , 2016 by

What a treat to have traveled to the Netherlands to join my international dream friends and to present a workshop on DreamSynergy at the annual conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams ( There were 34 countries represented at the conference ~ I am so fortunate to know wise and wonderful people

Have you ever wondered how a person changes the course of their life?  Watch this SCETV (a division of PBS) 5 minute segment  of Justina talking about how she became interested in dream study. ( Don’t forget to like, comment or share ) If after watching you have the time, I’d love the hear your feedback.

Justina Lasley is trying to wake up the world. She is an Author and Founder of the Institute for Dream Studies. Her mission: to tell everyone in the world of the transformative power of his or her nightly dreams. Watch here:     If after watching you have the time, she’d love the hear your