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Dreaming in the New Year

Sunday, 01, January , 2017

Christmas and Hanukah have been celebrated and hopefully you, like me, have many good new memories in your memory bank. You have a gift that you may not have opened yet.   You may not have noticed, but it is waiting for you to open.  The important gift is the wisdom of your dreams! We are closest to

Giving Birth to a New Book

Thursday, 02, October , 2014

I am so excited to have my new book in my hands and now I am following my dream of waking up the world to this incredible gift of our dreams!  In writing Wake Up!  I tried to be concise and precise in order to provide a simple process of finding meaning and guidance in

Recently, author and blogger, Tzivia Gover, invited me to join her and other authors in a blog tour that highlights authors who write about intuitive understanding. I remember meeting Tzivia when she arrived in South Carolina to begin a two-year program in my Dream Certification program at the Institute for Dream Studies.  Tzivia was already well versed in

Joys of Grand-Motherhood

Wednesday, 25, June , 2014

I am Waking Up!  to the joys of grand-motherhood.  I knew I would love it, but I didn’t know that my heart would feel like it is bursting out of my chest every time I hold my new grandson.  I am learning a lot from him about intuition and human development.  He teaches me more than any

Living the Dream

Monday, 28, April , 2014

As I await  the birth of my first child of my eldest daughter, I realize that I’m living the dream. Dreams are magical, mystical and contain the nature of the universe that we do not understand –cannot fully understand. Births are much the same. It is beyond my human understanding as I watch while the

Often people are concerned about the interruption of their sleep if they pay attention to their dreams.  i find the opposite is true. From my personal experience and from reports of clients, I find that being aware of dreams, journaling dreams and finding meaning in dreams actually leads to better sleep. Sometimes people have physical conditions that