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Have you ever wondered how a person changes the course of their life?  Watch this SCETV (a division of PBS) 5 minute segment  of Justina talking about how she became interested in dream study. ( Don’t forget to like, comment or share ) If after watching you have the time, I’d love the hear your feedback.

Originally posted on January 22, 2016 This week, Justina Lasley — founder of the Institute for Dream Studies, a dream therapist and author of “Wake Up to Your Dreams” — discusses why some people can remember what they dream while others cannot. Question: Some of my friends can remember their dreams in great detail, but

Being chased in a dream…  Secret Passageways… Flying into the sun… Are you having reoccurring dreams? What a delightful morning I spent last Thursday morning on the Maggie Linton Show!  It was truly great for so many people to share their personal dreams with me on the radio.  Callers shared all of the dreams above,

ABC News Channel 4 (Charleston)

Thursday, 16, October , 2014

Justina Lasley once again appears on Charleston ABC News Channel 4 on Low Country Live! You can view her online by clicking the button below. Watch Now

Justina Lasley is once again featured in a radio appearance on the Self Improvement Show with Irene Conlan. Listen Now What if you could harness the wisdom of your own dreams to help you find the authentic person you were born to be? Justina Lasley, Founder and Director of the Institute for Dream Studies, is

Kelly Bulkeley Wake Up! Use Your Nighttime Dreams to Make Your Daytime Dreams Come True Justina Lasley Bloomington, IN: Balboa Press, 2014 “Justina Lasley’s new book reflects many of the best qualities of dream research and education fostered by the International Association for the Study of Dreams. Her work is always respectful toward the dreamer,

Justina was the featured guest on the Self-Improvement Show with Dr. Irene Conlan. LISTEN

11:11 Talk Radio Show with Simran Singh

Tuesday, 20, May , 2014

Listen as Justina is interviewed by Simran Singh.  Simran is a creative speaker, visionary catalyst and a rebel humanitarian.  Simran and Justina discuss Justina’s latest book: Wake Up! Use your (nighttime) dreams to make your (daytime) dreams come true.

Charleston Magazine

Thursday, 30, January , 2014

Charleston Magazine February 2014 Local Scene: Dream Job Click HERE to read the full article

Dream expert helps you figure out why you’re naked in public BY ERIN SHAW January 26, 2014 Click  HERE   to read the full article

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