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Monday, 04, January , 2010


by Linda Mastrangelo

One of the more fascinating movements to emerge in recent decades is the study of dreams. This esoteric, if not indigenous, practice has certainly been around for much longer and yet we Westerners are hesitant to embrace this nocturnal sacred act that could very well hold the key to our shift in consciousness and perhaps even solve the daily challenges in our lives. Here are a few tips to truly map out your interior landscape in a way that can truly enrich, enhance and enable you to make more highly conscious choices for a mindful Self and ultimately a healthier community and planet. Also an excellent way to celebrate the Self and ring in the New Year.

The Suzane Northrop Show: Talk Radio

Tuesday, 04, August , 2009

Monday, August 4, 2009   7:00 – 8:00 PM EST

Talk Show host Suzane Northrop has hosted her own show on WGY, NY radio.    With her success in radio Suzane, wants to share her gift globally.  Suzane is excited to once again, on air, bring the best of the best guests in their perspective genre, discuss important topics and encourage sharing with her audience. 

Dream Talk: Internet Radio Interview

Tuesday, 16, October , 2007

October 16, 2007  Please listen to the interview of Justina Lasley from the Institute for Dream Studies (  She joins Dream Talk’s weekly program for an informative discussion with Kevin and Brian of Dream Talk.

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Working with dreams in a group creates a unique dynamic, often helping to facilitate the process beyond that of individual dream work or therapist/client work.


For years now, I have wanted to visit and experience Springbank Retreat Center near Kingstree, so last Friday, I packed my bag and drove to the eco-spiritual center for a retreat called “Dreams: Visions of the Night.”

Leading the retreat was Justina Lasley, a dream specialist, who enjoys working with individuals and groups to unlock the wisdom of their unconscious. She is internationally recognized as a leader of individual and group work, a lecturer and qualitative researcher.

The Post and Courier: Dream Weavers

Thursday, 18, January , 2007



Appeared Jan 18, 2007


The Power of Dreams

‘Dream groups’ provide insight into mysterious images of the sleeping mind

Like many people, attorney Mike Ethridge long has been fascinated by his dreams, some of which have been so vivid and memorable that he carried the mysterious images of them in his mind for years.