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Dream Talk: Internet Radio Interview

by / Tuesday, 16 October 2007 / Published in Media, Radio

October 16, 2007

Justina Lasley from the Institute for Dream Studies was interviewed for Dream Talk’s weekly program.  An informative discussion with Kevin and Brian of Dream Talk.


Dream Talk Radio

There is a lot more to your own dreams than you may ever know!  The world of dreams can be reopened and explored by you in many ways, but first like many others out there, you most likely desire to know what values your dreams have for you in your life.Dreams are more than part of your being.  They are “you” and your reality to be, or they are important information for you to use in order to help you in special ways. Ever wonder why you forget your dreams so easily?  Is it because you were never encouraged to explore your dreams any further?  Is there a way to gain more knowledge concerning dreams?The reality of dreams is that they are a doorway to unlimited imagination.  Open your mind to the possibilities around you.  The key to opening your dreams and their captivating experiences begins with gaining new perspectives and understandings of dreams. Do you document your dreams?  Are you a dream researcher of some kind?  Or are you into anything psychic or paranormal?  Have you written a book about dreams?Got an idea for a new Dream Talk episode?  Or would you like to email Brian or Kevin any questions that you would like us to read during any Dream Talk episode recording?  Simply email us at