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Dreaming in the New Year

by / Sunday, 01 January 2017 / Published in Dreams, Latest posts, Uncategorized


Christmas and Hanukah have been celebrated and hopefully you, like me, have many good new memories in your memory bank.

You have a gift that you may not have opened yet.   You may not have noticed, but it is waiting for you to open.  The important gift is the wisdom of your dreams!

We are closest to our greatest wisdom, built on all of our experiences and emotions, when we are asleep to the busy world around us.  Often, noise and distractions in our waking life prevent us from hearing the quiet voice that beckons us to make choices for our personal good and the overall good of the peoples of the world.  Just like in the song Silent Night,  “All is calm, all is bright” … during the silence of the night we can hear — really hear — God’s voice guiding us.

As we approach the New Year, we are attuned to our future.  We often make resolutions to improve our life — whether in relationships, career, or health.  Guess what!  Your dreams are available and waiting to help you not only create your resolutions but are also with you every night to keep you on course.  Really!  It’s an amazing gift that you may not have unwrapped.

Surrounding New Year’s Eve, our dream maker knows that we are approaching a new beginning and gives us a roadmap to follow.   I encourage you to get one more gift —  a dream journal — and begin writing your dreams.

Join me and discover the art of interpreting your dreams.  You are going to be amazed at the wisdom you may have left untapped.

Wishing you blessings galore in 2017 as you Wake Up to Your Dreams!