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Giving Birth to a New Book

by / Thursday, 02 October 2014 / Published in Blog, Dreams, Latest posts

I am so excited to have my new book in my hands and now I am following my dream of waking up the world to this incredible gift of our dreams!  In writing Wake Up!  I tried to be concise and precise in order to provide a simple process of finding meaning and guidance in dreams.  I wanted to share my story about how dreams impacted my life.  It was important to include stories of dreams impacting clients and the Institute for Dream Studies’ students.  The writing process wasn’t easy, but it was rewarding and even fun at times!

I loved creating a way to hopefully help  you understand how much you know about dreams that you don’t know you know! I had a great editor who helped tremendously and my husband, Chad, was always there encouraging me when I wanted to give up.  I finished the book last February, but have been caught up in the publishing process since then.  I’ve lived a waking nightmare keeping the process moving — correcting the publisher’s mistakes and nudging  them to get the job done in a timely manner. (I was not successful with that.)  I thought they were supposed to be guiding me!  It was all difficult and provided much stress in my life.  I had dreams about it all — dreams that supported me to stay committed to the process and dreams that helped me understand more clearly what was going on and to see how I might make that different.

Now my” Baby” is finally ready for YOU and I am excited to share my story and DreamSynergy ™ process. There is already resistance to my telling “My Story” that shows how dreams impacted my life and moved me toward the happiness and fulfillment that I now feel.  It will be worth this temporary struggle if one of you is given courage to move beyond what others think you are to who you know you are…who you were born to be.  Dreams are always interested in your personal well -being, not what others think.  What a better world this would be if we all accepted our gifts and passions, and were courageous enough to let our little light shine.  Wake Up!  and follow your dreams.  Enjoy the book!  Share it with others and help them know that their inner guidance is available every night.

One Response to “Giving Birth to a New Book”

  1. Tater says :


    How wonderful that your book is out! After watching Sera write I have a some insight into how hard it is to give “birth” to a book. Someday you and Sera should talk about your struggles with publishers and the courage it takes to share your own, personal story. I look forward to reading your newest book and hope you are enjoying the aftermath of a long labor! I also here you are a fantastic grandmother and always ready to help out! Take care and I look forward to seeing you in Charleston. Tater