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Our Approach

The DreamSynergy™ (DS) approach to dreamwork is based on the belief that all dreams are significant and can be used to come to new understanding by bringing uncon­scious material to consciousness. The dream brings you new information and truth that is not often available in your waking consciousness and is therefore precious and beneficial to all types of psychological and physical health.  We employ dreams to lead you on a path to aware­ness, personal growth, individuation and health and healing.

You, the dreamer always has final authority over your dream.  You are the only one who can know for certain the truth of your dream.  The meaning of the dream is in relation to your personal existence; our role is that of facilitator, helping the truth emerge from the dream, but not determining your reality.

DreamSynergy™ (DS) is an eclectic blend of various theoretical approaches. Even thought the DS approach is pre­dom­inant­ly based on Jungian and Gestalt theory, we have found that most methods of psychological work can be practiced effectively in DS dreamwork.

We believe the dream comes from a Higher Power, which  we refer to as God.  We believe that dreams carry the essence of your soul and contain the truth of your existence. By listening to your dreams, you will begin to understand God’s plan for your life.  Our work is inclusive rather than exclusive when it comes to others belief systems, and we welcome work with people whose religious or spiritual orientation is different from our own, in fact believing that a variety of perspectives contributes to personal growth and individuation in many ways.

IMG_0207Because each dream is very unique, personal, and creative, our DS approach considers the most effective form of dreamwork to come from one’s own intuition and inner wisdom. Your dreams are allowed to lead the process of understanding and guidance to new ways of thinking and being.

Read more about the founder and creator of DreamSynergy™ , Justina Lasley, for information regarding Justina’s experience in dreamwork.


DreamSynergy™ Definition: 

DreamSynergy: 1. each aspect of a dream and/or a group working together and contributing to the insight that is waiting to be discovered, producing a total effect greater than the sum of the individual elements.

2. the exploration of images, emotions and beliefs which produces an opportunity to understand and reclaim the authentic self.