NEWLY UPDATED! Honoring the Dream: A Handbook for Dreamgroup Leaders
Spiral Bound Edition

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Newly updated edition that offers updated exercises and handouts, as well as a chapter on the DreamSynergyTM process.

An easy-to-use spiral bound edition for the long-awaited addition to dreamwork literature, Honoring the Dream focuses on two vital aspects of group dreamwork: the practicalities of organizing and facilitating group work, and dreamwork methods.  Honoring the Dream shares the benefits of Justina Lasley’s 25 years of experience as a dream group leader. Blending her insights about the dream with the practicalities of group work, this handbook offers step-by-step descriptions of 40 individual and group ‘exercises’ that will mine the gold of the dream, plus 13 full-size, ready-to-use forms and handouts. IMG_1804 Treat your dream group members to a laminated copy of  Vocabulary of Emotions Chart! Price lower than the original of $75.   It’s now only $59.95!



“A book that belongs on every dreamworker’s shelf” says Jeremy Taylor of Justina Lasley’s acclaimed Honoring the Dream: A Handbook for Dream Group Leaders.

“Justina’s book Honoring the Dream: a Handbook for Dream Group Leaders is perhaps the most thorough book on starting and leading dream groups in an effective and ethical manner that I have ever come across. It is a must read even if you have been engaged in working with a group for some time.  The in depth sharing of real world experience is not only invaluable but presented in a genuine heartwarming manner.”  — Bob Hoss, Director and Past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams

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5 reviews for NEWLY UPDATED! Honoring the Dream: A Handbook for Dreamgroup Leaders
Spiral Bound Edition

  1. Betsy Grund

    I have been using this handbook for four years and I still get new information each time I use it. It contains all you need to conduct compassionate, healthy and inspiring dream groups. Justina explains in very practical terms how to lead and why the process works (theory and practice). The variety of exercises is excellent and each is reliable for bringing dream wisdom into the light of day. Dreams have been used for guidance throughout all human history ~ the scope of this handbook and its user-friendly approach makes it clear why dream work is enriching and important to individuals and communities in our times. It is also motivational and encouraging to those who might question whether they are prepared to lead a dream group. Leaders might also want to suggest the dream journal designed by the author because it prompts the dreamer to remember and record more than they might initially: In My Dream. . . a creative dream journal

  2. Sharon Smith-Mathewes

    A very user friendly book chockfull of valuable tools to help the beginner as well as the dream expert. She helps you in understanding the mechanics of running a superb dream group, from beginning to end. A must have book for anyone creating a dream group process!

  3. L. Mastrangelo, Dream Columnist

    Director of the Institute for Dream Studies and veteran dream consultant, Justina Lasley brilliantly weaves her magic in one impeccably organized book for those interested in facilitating dreams in a group setting. This book is indispensable; chock full of handouts, techniques, advice and exercises on the process and practical application for dream group leaders. Lasley also has created a dream journal entitled “In My Dream…(A Dream Journal)” which is skillfully formatted to record dreams in a mindful way including helpful hints, sketch pages and index for cataloguing dreams.

  4. Corinne A. Adams

    This book is a fabulous guide to studying dreams. It gave me everything I needed to know to get more focused on dream study. Justina’s passion for dreamwork is obvious; she got me more excited about being part on an ongoing dream group, and she gave me lots of insights for recording my own dreams and exploring them individually as well as in the group. Her ideas are creative, and the book is extremely well researched.

  5. Margaret Raymond

    This heart felt and motivational as well as easy to use handbook contains everything necessary to begin learning about dreamwork and dream group management. The large margins allow for note making while the binding allows the reader to spread the book flat. I have taken great pleasure in using this book with my dream groups.

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