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Success Stories


Over the years, DreamSynergy™ and Justina have helped thousands of people find the answers they were looking for using their dreams and the DreamSynergy™ process.  We are grateful that many of our clients, students and colleagues have felt so moved as to write us to tell us their appreciation or positive observations about DreamSynergy™ and how it can really help people transform their lives.

Please enjoy reading the comments and success stories from a few of DreamSynergy’s™ friends and fans!

"Justina is intuitively gifted but also analytically trained."

"Justina Lasley is a knowledgeable, professional dream therapist. She has honed her skills so that she can efficiently help her clients sort through the messages and metaphors contained in their dreams. She is kind and sensitive but stays on subject, gently bringing individuals back to the message that dream work is about them, no matter who the players in the dream are. Justina is intuitively gifted but also analytically trained. What a great combination! As a client and former Executive Vice President in a Fortune 200 company, I highly recommend Justina for personal growth and understanding through DreamSynergy."


Justina's program became an important stepping stone on my journey.

I came to you in 2007. I had decided to take my interest in dreams to a professional level and entered a two year training program run by Justina Lasley at the Institute for Dream Studies (IDS) in Charleston, South Carolina. Justina's program became an important stepping stone on my journey. I would describe Justina as a midwife who with persistence and a firm hand helped bring out potential that I had long been aware of but was reluctant to show. What I had accumulated through my Jungian studies your program helped me channel out into world. It opened my eyes to the importance of playfulness in working with the dream and the natural environment integrated into our work, be it at Springbank or Seabrook, underscored the dream's poetic nature. The exercises in Honoring the Dream are an integral part of my group work as is the emphasis on feeling, along with an in-depth exploration where your influence is ever present.


I've always been skeptical about therapy... but Justina has turned me into a convert.

I've always been skeptical about therapy, and if you had told me a year ago that I would be working with my dreams, I probably would have laughed at you.  Justina, however, has turned me into a convert.  Every session I've had with her has been such a positive experience.  I walk out feeling like I can change my life and grow.  She is very intuitive and suggests ways of interpreting my dreams that usually resonate with me.  My favorite thing about Justina is that she helps me to interpret my dreams without telling me what they mean.  



Kudos for Justina

I am a recent graduate of the Institute for Dream Studies in Charleston, South Carolina under the direction of Justina Lasley. Justina is truly dedicated to the process and has developed a program that honors both the dream and the dreamer. Her vast experience, contagious enthusiasm and gentle approach make her the perfect dream group leader. She is attentive and intuitive to the needs of her students as a group and as individuals. Through her guidance and tutelage, I learned to uncover the "gold" in my own dreams and with these new found discoveries and skills, am taking positive action in my waking life. During my time with Justina and IDS, I have already witnessed dramatic changes of transformation in both myself and fellow students. Now I am a graduate student at John F. Kennedy University studying to be a licensed therapist who specializes in dreams. I am also involved in projects that promote dream activism that bring creative solutions to issues that affect the community. I can’t imagine a more vital topic than to inform people in how they can wake up to their dream life. The Oprah Winfrey Show would be the perfect venue to educate the public about the importance of honoring their dreams on both a personal and global level. If we all shared our dreams this would be a much healthier, greener and peaceful planet.


Thank you for your whole-hearted work

Thank you for your whole-hearted work.  Your commitment to the dream and this process definitely comes across, and it was so nurturing for me.  It’s not often that I find someone who is as knowledgeable about dreams as you are.  It was an honor and a pleasure to learn from you.   

-A dream group leader

I appreciate the wonderful pioneering work you are doing with dreams

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the wonderful pioneering work you are doing with dreams.  Here in New England, most people have never considered the power of dreams.  That has greatly surprised me as I advertise my dream workshops and groups and realized that educating people to the existence of dreamwork is the first step - very different than the captive audience in my therapy practice!  It is exciting to see the newspaper article that described your dream groups and the meaningful benefits that have changed lives.  It's a great step toward awakening the public to the spirit of dreams.


Wow, what a session today!


Wow, what a session today!  Just wanted to say what a good job I thought you did, keeping me out of my head and into the emotions.  Thanks for all you do.


....helping me get to a place to receive God's grace in my life...

Hi Justina,

I believe you had a very significant part in helping me get to a place to receive God's grace in my life and I am and have been blessed with your help with dream work!


I am thrilled that in only a few hours this weekend my thinking became so clear

It is a great pleasure for me to have met each of you this weekend.  Justina, your gentle but powerful presence has stayed with me.  I wish to thank all of you, Justina--Betsy--Jane, for your workshop, and especially Justina for teaching me how to capture and understand the messages of my dreams.

I am thrilled that in only a few hours this weekend my thinking became so clear and I found relief from a year of perplexing thoughts tied to long-time dissatisfaction in an area of my life.  Together we applied Justina's method to my dream to identify my emotion, and in minutes I found clarity, relief, and I felt empowered by the process.  Your method of Dream Synergy has proven to be exceptionally efficient for me compared with all my experience with cognitive therapy as well as some other forms of psychological inquiry.  I am astonished that my energy could change so positively and so rapidly--within mere minutes--of coaxing out my emotions from what seems like such a simple thing as my dream.

This morning it was again a great benefit for me to write in my new In My Dream journal.  Justina, I am looking forward to your next book so I can continue with the methods of your work that I am learning.  I enlisted with your website and look forward to what lies ahead and will stay in touch.

I feel refreshed from this weekend's workshop, and am truly re-energized now!  Again, it was a great pleasure to meet all of you, and Thank You!

There is kindness here for you,


I want to be a success story, too!