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The Self-Improvement Show with Dr. Irene Conlan

by / Thursday, 09 October 2014 / Published in Media


Justina Lasley is once again featured in a radio appearance on the Self Improvement Show with Irene Conlan.

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What if you could harness the wisdom of your own dreams to help you find the authentic person you were born to be? Justina Lasley, Founder and Director of the Institute for Dream Studies, is going to talk about how we can do that. Understanding and applying the wisdom of your dreams can help you gain clarity and perspective, let go of limiting habits and beliefs and create better relationships. It can also help you take control of your career and life and realize your creative potential. Who doesn’t want to do that? Do you have recurring dreams that you just can’t figure out and you want to know the special message they may have for you? Then you won’t want to miss what Justina Lasley has to say.