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Transformation with Dream Synergy- The Three Most Important Aspects

The Three Most Important Aspects To Pay Attention To For Personal Growth 


Working with people and their dreams over the past two decades, I have come to realize that emotions in dreams are a powerful key for unlocking the dream’s healing message.

Emotions within the dream and upon awakening are related to your waking-life emotions. Working with the dream emotions will help you to recognize your feelings, reactions, and denials within waking life. Emotions affect every aspect of your life.

The dream brings our emotional state to conscious­ness. Notice all the feelings associated with your dreams—the emotions within the dreams and those you feel upon waking.  Make note of emotions when recording your dreams.  Pay attention!

I work from the belief that our basic and true emotions are those we are born with.  They are not what we learn from parents and society, but instead are part of our authentic nature.  The categories used in DreamSynergy™ are Glad, Sad, Mad, or Afraid.

It is surprising how many people cannot identify what emotions they are feeling. Can you? If you are a person who has a particularly difficult time identifying and working with emotions, you will probably find this the most powerful dreamwork you do.  By understanding and naming your emotions, you will begin to see how they affect your life.

It is easy to imagine (and really believe) that others cause our emotions.  But your emotions are your own.  You may not consciously choose to feel one way or another, but your past experiences lead you to this emotion.  What a responsibility—owning your choice of emotional responses!  Your dreams are ready to instruct you.

Making Friends with Various Aspects of your Personality

The second key aspect of DreamSynergy™ is ‘Character Study’.  As you look at your dreams, you will begin to see characters that represent parts of yourself acting and reacting in various ways. You can step back and perhaps for the first time see yourself and your actions more clearly. You can view your positive and negative characteristics―the qualities that help you move forward and the ones that prevent you from achieving personal growth.

When you look at the dream characters as aspects of yourself, you can see unmistakably how you treat yourself.  You have the opportunity to move away from blaming others for your predicaments and to stop accusing others of mistreating you and making your life miserable.

Accepting this reality is a difficult aspect of dream­work. We can easily perceive others’ actions but are inept at recognizing our own re-actions.

Belief Systems   

The third aspect of the DreamSynergy™ approach is a look at belief systems.  Once dreamers begin to understand their emotions, get to know and embrace unknown parts of themselves, they are often faced with wanting to know why the characters do the things they do and react the way they do in their dreams.

We often do not think about the belief systems we live by. We don’t take time to assess them and create more beneficial belief systems for our life even though our value is often defined by dysfunctional family belief systems.

Family Belief Systems are often passed down generation to generation. They become mantras for our lives.  We believe them and accept them as truths without examination even if they are dysfunctional.   As adults we need to bring these belief systems to light and review them with a keen eye toward the values we hold dear and the life we choose to live.

It is important to understand what prevents positive personal growth. Stop and list belief systems that you were taught and that you may continue to hold to in your life.  Do those belief systems serve you?  If not, why are you still living your life with them at the center?  Create new belief systems to replace the ones that no longer serve you.

Dreams will help you see belief systems in a new way.  You can actually view how the belief supports or sabotages you in your life.  You can view characters acting and reacting out of various systems of belief and apply that observation to your personal life.  Watch out!  Your life will change when you are aware of the beliefs that control you and your decisions.  Now you will be able to make more positive and supportive decisions based on your new updated beliefs.

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