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Wake Up to Your Future and Your Dreams!

by / Wednesday, 31 December 2014 / Published in Blog, Dreams

Pay attention to your dreams tonight! Yes, you will have to go to sleep at some point in order to have your New Year’s dreams. Do you know that NY’s dreams most often show us the way for the New Year?

Who knows better than your psyche what you yearn for in the year ahead, what you are equipped to “make happen.” After all, your psyche has been around for every event in 2014. Are you going to listen to your wisest and most knowledgeable self? You can if you take action to remember your dreams and then find the message and then to act on that message. Remember that DREAMS + ACTION = CHANGE.

Put paper and pencil under your pillow to make notes in the night. (You can go to my website for a video with Tips for Remembering Your Dreams.) Don’t give up if you don’t remember tonight. You are going to have a chance to view your future path in the week ahead.

Wake Up!!